Put smart brains into smart
vending devices

New retail cloud Manager

JPGK has created an open middleware platform in the field of intelligent retail IOT, which is compatible with intelligent vending machines, unmanned cabinets / shops, intelligent coffee machines, and on-the-spot machines, so as to realize the scene experience of mixed management of multiple devices on one platform. At the same time, the platform provides value-added services such as operation decision-making, advertising, offline drainage, agent operation and supply chain support for operators based on massive terminal data. 
 help brands and operators to tap the data value of retail through intelligent selling devices!

Easy docking of multiple devices

Intelligent and stable terminal interactive experience

Vending machine

Coffee machine

Beverage Dispenser

Smart Fridge

Mobile terminal seamless connection, monitoring at any time

System core functions

  • Human computer interaction system
    Commodity display, marketing interaction, advertisement broadcast and various payment methods. It can perfectly adapt to a variety of display screens, customize the display style, support the landing of various promotion / marketing activities, and more than ten mainstream payment methods make shopping no longer cumbersome.
  • Intelligent data report analysis
    Integrated intelligent management of sales, improve the operation efficiency of the entire sales system; real time monitoring of various peripheral conditions, remote solution, greatly reducing maintenance costs, order details, financial audit, income analysis, sales forecast.
  • Device management
    Equipment distribution, equipment monitoring, equipment claim, equipment troubleshooting, remote upgrade. Equipment change log and so on. 3S can activate the equipment and manage the equipment at any time. Multi type equipment management.
  • Franchisee management
    Develop agency, franchise, distribution and other business. Easy management of multi-level organization business system.
  • Operation management
    Point route analysis management, distribution management, inventory monitoring, receipt and refund, replenishment plan, replenishment record, currency replenishment record, cash inventory, commodity inventory, and payment method management.
  • Financial management
    T + 1 and D + 1 financial clearing systems support day and month. Statement summary reconciliation. Multi merchant platform automatic account sharing.
  • Small program operation and maintenance
    Support small program for replenishment, data view, early warning message receiving, commodity management, operation management, etc.
  • H5 user purchase
    User purchase, personal information management, marketing participation, advertising broadcast. 
 support customized UI configuration for different operators.
  • Member management
    Member discount, member stored value, points, coupons, powerful data analysis function, can track and record customer consumption track, establish user profile, support various types of preferential activities push, manage members is so simple!
  • Advertising management
    Remote operation, minimalist operation, "one click" publishing, synchronous management of content materials, support for targeted advertising publishing, provide massive advertising material library, classified management, on-demand.
  • Early warning management
    Inventory warning, shelf life warning, equipment abnormal alarm, business abnormal warning, non payment alarm, payment abnormal warning.
  • Service market
    Open interface docking third-party applications and their own value-added modules, users can purchase and use by themselves, advertising, membership, coupons, marketing activities, pick-up code, distribution, work order system and other value-added services, pay on demand to meet the needs of different customer groups.
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