Fridge Solution

Based on years of research on the intelligent unattended retail industry,
Jingpin hi-tech launched the RFID smart fridge in 2017, and successively
developed gravity sensor smart fridge and visual products. The technology
is mature and stable, and the product variables are automatically identified.
It is suitable for Alipay and WeChat, as well as other payment options.

Product Features and Advantages

System Scheme

Product Functions

  • Identify Component Integration:

    Integration of visual identification, RFID, gravity sensing and other techniques.

  • Mobile Shopping:

    Code scanning, user registration, order inquiry, etc

  • Mobile Operation and Maintenance:

    Replenishment, commodity adjustment, inventory counting, data report query

  • Equipment Management:

    Addition and Deletion of equipment, remote upgrade of equipment, exceptions monitoring of equipment, generation of QR code, etc

  • RFID Management:

    Compatible with a variety of RFID printing devices and read-write devices, can achieve a variety of printing methods, management of RFID flow.

  • Purchase, sales and inventory management:

    Manage the purchase, sales and inventory reports, and control the actions that affect the inventory quantity, such as goods warehousing, adjustment, return, inventory, loss report, excess, borrowing, lending, allocation, etc

  • Sales Promotion:

    A variety of promotional activities combination, increase marketing methods, achieve promotion, developing of new customers and so on.

  • Commodity management:

    Commodity classification, entry and identification Association

  • Franchise management:

    Franchisee and agent management is efficient and reliable.

  • Multi dimensional report analysis:

    Timely, accurate and diversified processing of user behavior and sales data can be imported and exported

  • Multimedia Advertising:

    Third party advertising system can be added, replaced and connected remotely.

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