Vending machine

Jingpin hi-tech vending system platform can help business owners
or VM manufactures to establish their own vending software system,
deploy independently, and meet customized requirements according
to special scenarios.

Industry Pain Points

Most of the software requirements can not be well implemented
Lack of marketing means and operational mode
The system is unstable and the long iteration period
High R & D cost and long cycle

Features of Solution

  • Compatible with one drag multi mode

    A backend can manage multiple vending machines in different business scenarios.

  • Multiple Business Scenarios

    It can support a variety of business scenarios, such as catering delivery, snacks and drinks, beauty care, tourist attractions, etc.

  • Accounting management

    According to the goods, equipment, orders, operators for automatic accounting.

  • Online Shopping Mall

    The system can be integrated with Youzan or operator's own online shopping mall to realize online and offline business.

  • Alert System

    Automatic early alerting for inventory, equipment, etc.

  • Mobile-end Operation & Maintenance

    Wechat App for mobile-end operation and maintenance, statistics, replenishment, equipment management, goods on and off shelves and other operations.

  • Marketing

    Advertising, pick-up code, coupon, preferential recommendation, recommendation code, etc. develop members and increase communication methods.

  • Franchisee Management

    It is suitable for manufactures and business owners who develop sub operators and franchise businesses, and fully supports the business structure of multi-level and multi-type organizations.

  • Customization

    Customized development is supported.

  • Vending Machine Management

    Equipment monitoring, equipment adding, equipment exceptions handling, remote upgrade, remote dispensing control, logs, etc. to manage the VMs at any time.

  • Integration of Business System

    ERP, supply chain system, third party payment, mobile payment etc.

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