Solution of Unattended Soda 
Fountain Machine

Jingpin Unattended Soda Fountain Machine solution helps manufacturers
enrich the functions of equipment and increase the competitiveness of products.
It reduces the operation cost, improves the operation efficiency and expands the
use scenarios for operators. At the same time, it also improves the consumer experience.

Pain Points of The Industry

Jingpin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd. empowers
the Soda Fountain Machine

By adding the Internet of things module for the on-the-spot machine, remote control and mobile payment
are realized, and the unattended, human resources are liberated, and the distribution channels are increased.
Each of them is connected and controlled through the network to realize the data interconnection and
intercommunication, which makes the profit model based on the spot adjustment machine become diversified.
Now the interactive function of the machine greatly increases the shopping experience of consumers. The
interactive marketing function is realized.

Product Introduction

Product Introduction

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