Coffee Machine

Jingpin unattended self-service coffee machine solution provides intelligent
solutions for coffee business owners, which can help them build a new unattended
retail system or build an intelligent system based on existing software and hardware.

Our built-in sensor, controller and wireless connection module in the control scheme of intelligent coffee machine are important parts of human-computer interaction of intelligent coffee machine. Through different hardware protocol integration, wireless data conversion and wireless control can be realized on different hardware. This mode realizes the unified platform management of different manufacturers’VMs. We offer the following two solutions:

 DTU Plan
(Without touchscreen)

  IPC Plan
(With Touchscreen)

Features of Solutions

  • Compatible with one drag multi-VM mode

    One backend can manage multiple coffee machines.

  • Instant/Brewing Coffee

    Instant coffee machine and Brewing coffee machine are all supported.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    There are a variety of online payment methods, including WeChat and Alipay payment.

  • Franchise Mode

    Provide powerful franchise management.

  • Accounting management

    Realized the automatic accounting management of multi-level operators.

  • Ingredients Management and Monitoring

    Intelligent monitoring, shelf life management and replenishment management of coffee drinks ingredients.

  • Intelligent Alert System

    Intelligent alert system for the shortage of ingredients, water , cup , auxiliary materials expired and other conditions of automatic alerting.

  • Data intelligent analysis

    Intelligent data report can provide accurate operation analysis and helpful for operation decision.

  • Big Data Enabling

    Using Internet big data, enabling marketing and reconstructing a new retail scene with members as the core.

  • System Management

    Powerful system compatibility, can be connected to third-party software systems, such as face recognition technology, ERP system, work order system, customer service system, maintenance system, etc.

  • Advertising

    The system has the function of remote advertising management, providing operators with the opportunity to participate in advertising business, increasing revenue and reducing operating costs.

In addition, Jingpin high tech intelligent vending cloud platform can be flexibly redeveloped and connected to various systems:
Based on the operating system interface of open and compatible middleware, intelligent automatic coffee machine maker / operator can establish its own intelligent vending management system platform within the a few weeks.
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