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Jingpin hi-tech Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is a leading integrated solution provider of intelligent vending cloud system based on open platform, providing a series of solutions for unattended business owners and VM manufacturers, including remote management system of intelligent vending machine, interactive system of intelligent vending machine, inventory ERP system of intelligent vending machine operators, customer service system of intelligent vending machine operation, membership of intelligent vending machine and Marketing system, mobile terminal solution for operation and maintenance, mobile shopping, online mall and other integrated intelligent management system.

Jingpin hi-tech has created an open middleware platform in the field of intelligent retail IOT, which is compatible with intelligent vending machines, smart fridges, kiosks,smart coffee machines, and soft drink dispensers, so as to realize the scenario experience of mixed management of multiple devices in one platform. At the same time, the platform provides operators with value-added services such as operation decision-making, advertising, online/offline traffic, agent operation and supply chain support based on massive terminal data. Help brands and operators to tap the value of retail data through intelligent vending devices!

At present, its business scope covers 33 provinces and autonomous regions in China and many countries such as the United States, Japan, Italy, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia and India, covering more than 10 sectors such as hotels, subways, hospitals, shopping malls, tourist attractions, schools and airports.

Partner brands include: Master Kang, Pepsi Cola, Yiguo Fresh Food, Suntory, Barsetto, Sammy, Kleiner, Liangpin shop, Beverage Solutions Group, Chai point, NECTA, CPI, JollyChic and many other brands, retail operators and e-commerce platforms.

In the field of Vending Software, Jingpin hi-tech has become the leader of the global intelligent vending platform supplier.

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