Global intelligent cloud vending system platform

JPGK is committed to providing professional and perfect integrated operation platform and overall solutions for operators and hardware manufacturers in the intelligent vending industry, focusing on the R & D and innovation of intelligent sales management system software.
The intelligent vending platform developed by the company includes remote management system, terminal equipment interaction system, operator inventory ERP system, customer service system, intelligent membership and marketing system, mobile terminal solution for operation and maintenance, mobile online shopping mall, etc.

One system manages vending terminal equipment of different
manufacturers, different sectors and different models

JPGK intelligent sales system easily adapts to dozens of unmanned retail scenarios
Compatible with all hardware equipment of vending machines in the market
A cloud system management of all sales terminal equipment
It provides great convenience for operators to unify operation and management of multiple hardware platforms

Powerful operation and maintenance management
background for your business escort.

The operation data is visualized, the mobile terminal is connected seamlessly, and the equipment, goods and
financial revenue are well known,
Data analysis, advertising distribution, operation and maintenance management, and intelligent marketing make
operation and maintenance management easier and more reliable.


Serving 7+ countries in the world

Tens of thousands of VM equipment can be easily managed









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